Booking Process/FAQ's

Cancellation Policy

We reserve all of our team rooms to allow the flexibility to cancel anytime up to 24 hours prior to arrival. This allows for game schedule changes, location changes and/or tournament cancellations.

Please be sure to cancel your room through us, by emailing your request to [email protected]


Whether you reserve your room with the "book now" option for single reservations, or use the booking form at the bottom of your team page; you will receive an email confirmation with all of your bookings within 24-48 hours after you reserve.

You will receive them all together, this way you do not have to be going through multiple emails and confirmation numbers.

Best Practices for booking

* All rooms reserved for the team will come with a minimum of two queen size beds. If you prefer a room with a different set up, please email us your request after booking

* We understand sometimes the decision to attend a tournament is not made until very close to the tournament. We always recommend getting a reservation up front so that you do not miss the cutoff date that guarantees the rate and/or the availability.

* One of the great positives of your organization working with us is, we carry the full guarantee of the reservation with the individual hotel for you. Worst case scenario, if a reservation is forgotten about, and a cancellation is not entered, your room is still eligible to be refunded, and you do not have to battle with the hotel on getting a "no-show" charge refunded.

Anything you need

If there is anything you need during the booking process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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